Construction Surveys


​Layout Surveys - Roads, Ditches, Berms, Concrete Pads / Forms, Piles, Underground Utilities (Gas, Water, Sewer, Electrical)

As-built Surveys - Post Construction Survey on all Installed Features Above / Below Ground.

Topographic Surveys - Site Surveys of All Existing Features including Contours of Land, Creek / Stream Profiles.

Site Grading Surveys - Site Drainage Design and Cut & Fill Staking.

Volume Surveys - Stockpiles, Gravels, Excavation and Backfill Quantities

Industrial Surveys - Alignments, Steel Setting, High Precision, Anchor Bolts

QAQC & Control Surveys - Quality Checks on Contractors Work, Horizontal & Vertical Control Network Establishment.

Power Line Surveys - Power Line Profile Surveys Showing Elevation of Wire & Sag, Position of Utility Poles.


Building Surveys


Building Interior "As-Built" Surveys for Commercial & Residential Property Owners, Real Estate Agents, Property Management Firms, Developers, Building Operators, Building Renovators, Architects, Engineers, Appraisers, Tax Officers, Interior Designers & Space Planners.

 This service is specifically designed as a value added service to the property owner to add incentive to the selling and marketing of their property.

Floor Plans (General Layout & Dimensions)

> Showing all interior walls, partitions, openings, columns, stairs, all major cabinetry and counters and                                                                                         labeling and dimensions of all interior space                     

Floor Plans (Area & Materials)

> Showing all interior walls, partitions, openings, columns, stairs, all major cabinetry and counters, labels, all flooring                                                                  materials, all doors, all room area calculations

Optional Information

> Window Locations Display, Window Types, Dimensions

> Door Types, Dimensions

> Reflected Ceiling Plan, Lighting Locations, Heights

> Electrical Plan, Switches, Jacks, Thermostats

> Photography Plan, Photo Positions, Photo Directions, Customized Report


AutoCAD Drafting


> Underground Utilities (Gas, Storm, Sewer, Electrical)​

> General Topography & Contours​

> Earthwork & Gravel Volume Calculations​

> Red Line Markups​

> Survey Cooridnate Geometry Calculations and Design

> Paper to CAD Conversions.




> Commercial & Residential ​Interior As-built Floor Plans

> As-Built Feature Maps (Underground Utilities)

> Topographic Contour Maps ​Roadway and Trail Maps


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